Customer references B.V. The Netherlands B.V. is a translation company, providing general language services for the Dutch market, and Dutch translation to international customers. The company's in-house team includes Dutch, German and English translators as well as project managers proficient in French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

We at B.V. want to base our workflow as much as possbile on memoQ, so we find it important that as many translators as possible use memoQ and that they really like doing so. Therefore, we hope that Kilgray will succeed in selling more licenses and we will gladly provide our part by persuading our regular translators to buy one, providing discounts and other incentives. From Kilgray, we expect that they will keep up their great support to keep our translators happy - or, some day, render it virtually unnecessary by making memoQ more robust and intuitive.

Kilgray Translation Technologies
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