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Lacrosse Language Consultancy Poland

Lacrosse Language Consultancy is an added-value language service provider, offering a quality-focused offer, superior customer service, supported by advanced language technology solutions which help ensure quality, accuracy and data security. Lacrosse Language Consultancy has built a reputation as a premier provider of language services.

Since memoQ is our principal translation tool we wish to be actively involved in its development. Exchange of experience with Kilgray is critical to us, especially with respect to solving problems connected with using memoQ and suggesting improvements which could be implemented in its future versions. We are also committed to constantly improving our skills and training employees and partners in the management of large online projects.

Due to the introduction of memoQ, Lacrosse Language Consultancy is implementing a new strategy regarding cooperation with external resources. We now have an obvious preference for translators who use memoQ, and we have taken steps to train and encourage our external resources to use our server licences or to purchase their own versions of memoQ translator pro. Joining the Kilgray community could additionally help us establish closer relationships with other language service providers and translators who use memoQ on an everyday basis. It can also serve as an excellent channel through which we encourage translators not familiar with this CAT tool to try it out.

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