Adéquat, Service Linguistique Inc

Adéquat Service Linguistique Inc. Canada

Adéquat offers primarily translation from English into Canadian French. In addition, they offer website, web application and software localization, revision, proofreading, and consulting services. Adéquat works in a broad range of fields, including document archiving, information management, HR management, business communications, health and social services, and transportation.

For now, I'm talking a lot about memoQ to translation industry persons I meet. Each time that I can put the name "memoQ" or "Kilgray" in our Circuit Translation journal I do it. All of our freelancers are now using memoQ (and in-house, we're only using memoQ too). This partnership is important to Adéquat, as we like very much the product and we’d like to "convert" as many translators as possible.

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