memoQ WebTrans

memoQ WebTrans is now to be included in every memoQ server package.
Until recently memoQ WebTrans, memoQ's browser-based translation editor, was a server add-on that language service providers and enterprises with a memoQ server could purchase for added flexibility. We are glad to announce that memoQ WebTrans is now included in all memoQ server packages. 

memoQ WebTrans includes:
  • Access to translation memory, term base & live docs.
  • Web based project management – WebPM (track projects & assign user and roles).
  • Review workflow.
This change will bring about benefits for everyone: existing customers with and without memoQ WebTrans as well as for all of those who are interested in buying a memoQ server package. If you would like to learn more about memoQ WebTrans and its benefits click here.
Refer to the bullet point that best describes your situation to further understand how you will benefit from this change:
  • Customers with a memoQ server with memoQ WebTrans whose support & maintenance agreement expired before January 1, 2015. The support and maintenance fee will decrease significantly due to the reduction in the price of memoQ WebTrans, ultimately resulting in major savings 1300 / $1625 per year. Contact if you are interested in renewing your support and maintenance agreement. 
  • Customers with a memoQ server and memoQ WebTrans whose support & maintenance agreement was valid on January 1, 2015Your support and maintenance will yield lower renewal fees in the future 1300 / $1625​ per year. 
  • Customers with memoQ server without memoQ WebTrans whose support & maintenance agreement expired before January 1, 2015. If you renew your support and maintenance now to cover January 1, 2015, you will not only get access to the new versions of memoQ but we'll also include memoQ WebTrans automatically. Your server package with the addition of memoQ WebTrans will only need an extra support and maintenance investment of 300 / $375 a year. What's more is with memoQ WebTrans your translation and project management will become simpler, and training time will decrease significantly.
  • Customers with memoQ server without memoQ WebTrans whose support & maintenance agreement was valid on January 1, 2015. Please note that since memoQ WebTrans has now been included in your package, your annual support and maintenance renewal fee will increase slightly by €300 / $375 a year.
  • You don't have a memoQ server. When acquiring a memoQ server package, you will also experience the benefits of web-based project management, translation and review. Your project managers will now be able to create online projects via a web browser and easily assign them to translators. The price for a memoQ server package is €6060 / $7825.       
For more information related to memoQ WebTrans, memoQ server, and your SMA
please contact us.