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Support and upgrades included while you are paying the monthly fees

When you subscribe to the memoQ cloud server, you are always granted access to the newest version and also support. memoQ cloud servers are not upgraded immediately once a new version is released: it takes about a month to roll out the new memoQ server version to the memoQ cloud servers. This is to ensure that you are always running a stable version. We will send you a notification prior to the migration. During the migration, you can expect a short service downtime.

Support 101

During the subscription period of the memoQ cloud server, you are also entitled to contact our support services at Please always indicate your cloud server name and if a document does not import or export, please send over the original document and the bilingual document as well. The end user license agreement contains a confidentiality clause, so you don’t have to worry about submitting sensitive materials. Please also describe how urgent is the issue for you, whether it prevents any delivery or not, and if it does, when is your delivery deadline, and whether your server is running now or any operations are blocked. Please also indicate the impact of the issue as low, medium, high: how many people are affected and whether your production is at risk.

Front line support availability:
  • Monday-Saturday NON-STOP: starting on Monday at 06:00 AM CET (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin) / 12:00 AM EDT (New York, Boston) / 01:00 PM JST (Tokyo) / 12 PM CST (Beijing) and finish on Saturday morning at the same time.
  • Saturday: starting at 10:00 AM CET/05:00 AM EDT/06:00 PM JST/04:00 PM CST until 06:00 AM CET/12:00 PM EDT/01:00 AM JST/12:00 AM CST 
  • Sunday: we provide courtesy support and answer urgent tickets only that prevent work or delivery.

Please note that we prefer giving support via email, because it allows us to prioritize urgent tickets over non-urgent ones, and in case there is a software error message, we definitely need this to be sent over for analysis. If there is a need to check the specific computer, we ask you to either submit a video on what you are doing or allow us to connect via Teamviewer. You can download Jing, a freeware video recorder from Techsmith, to send us screen capture videos of up to five minutes.

We take pride in our support services. Over 90% of our tickets are answered same day, and over 80% of the software issues reported are fixed within a month. If you have multiple questions or issues, please send them in individual emails rather than one long email.

Service level agreement for memoQ cloud server Download

This document describes the terms and conditions of using the memoQ cloud server.

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