memoQ translator free

What is memoQ translator free?

memoQ translator free is a version of memoQ which is available free of charge but has some key functionality disabled. It is intended for non-professional translators who may need a translation tool for a very short time or for someone who has to use memoQ on only rare occasions.

How do I get it?

When you install memoQ you get a trial of the full translator pro version for 45 days. After this trial is finished your copy of memoQ will become a memoQ translator free edition. At any stage you can purchase a license and start using memoQ translator pro, no data will be lost. Once you purchase memoQ the license is perpetual, however, if you haven't paid support and upgrades, and you try to use new versions, your license might revert to the free edition.

What can I not do with memoQ translator free?

The main difference between memoQ translator free and memoQ translator pro is that you cannot have projects with more than one document.

You can also not do the following:
  • Add previously created translation memories or term bases to your project
  • Open previous translation jobs with more than one documents
  • Align documents and build up translation memories
  • Access online projects and participate in team translation jobs
  • Get free support
Each time you are working with memoQ translator free you need to create a new project and a new translation memory for that project. It is not possible to use memoQ translator free with a memoQ online project from a translation or other company unless they give you a temporary mobile license.

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