What is it?

memoQ project manager is a computer assisted translation environment designed to manage translations projects and increase productivity.

This edition comprises all the translation related functionality available on memoQ transaltor pro, while adding unique project management features. With memoQ project manager users can edit and review translations, manage projects, work online in a server or in the cloud, as well as organize and share corporate terminology.

memoQ project manager is especially suited for those translators or project managers that outsource large part of their work and is frequently run in conjunction with a copy of memoQ server or memoQ cloud server although it can also be used as a stand-alone application.

This edition shares the same installers with memoQ translator pro. However, if you decide to purchase the project manager edition, your license will unlock functionality which is not available in translator pro. 

Real-time collaboration

For many organizations memoQ project manager is the access point for memoQ server and memoQ cloud server. With it they create and manage online projects to allow real-time collaboration between teams of translators and reviewers.

These benefits are only available for customers who are also using memoQ server or a memoQ cloud server. They are not available for those using memoQ project manager as a standalone application

Try it for free!

If you are interested in evaluating memoQ project manager edition, contact us and we will make a temporary license available to you!   
  • Once the trial period is over, you can buy memoQ project manager edition, and continue working where you finished: you don’t need to re-install memoQ and you won’t lose your work. It’s as simple as that! To get easily started, Kilgray gives you free access to online training and certification, webinars, tutorials and many-many guides.
  • If you decide not to purchase the license, it will be then deactivated. The evaluation period for memoQ project manager edition is 21 days.

Installation & Activation + Quick start guide

These document explains you how to install and activate memoQ, get a trial license, or set up your final license. But it is very simple – you most likely can do it without assistance.  


Installation and activation                         Quick Start Guide PMs


With the dashboard, PMs get a better overview of their projects and can check a project’s status at a detailed level. This interface has a two line view which allows project managers to see project, domain and subject in addition to the standard status information.

Online projects:

  • Alerts  

    Project alerts will show project managers whenever their intervention is needed. Project managers can see slow progress, translators' not starting, deadline too close and other alerts.
  • Advanced Search Functionality 

    In the dashboard search, project managers can search expressions, for example find all projects where a certain translator needs to deliver within the next two days, or find all projects created last month which were for a particular customer into a particular language.
Search & Alerts in memoQ

Package management

memoQ project manager edition allows you to create several translation packages from your bilingual or multilingual projects.
When creating a translation package you can select the language, and the translators and reviewers to the project. memoQ project manager edition will create packages for each participant in the project and will save them on your local computer (if used as a standalone application) ready to be sent to users who can open them in their own memoQ.
When the packages are deliver back, you can easily reimport the packages and update your project. 
Translation progress on memoQ

Online projects

If you work on a server environment memoQ project manager license offers more functionality for project management:
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Slicing files
  • PMs don’t need to e-mail TMs and TBs to translators as everything resides on the server.
  • Automatic notifications settings to make translators aware of coming deadlines.
  • Multiple assignment options:
    • ​​GroupSourcing allows multiple user to work on a single file
    • FirstAccept sends a notification to different translators saying there is a file ready to begin. Translators can go in a view the file. The first one to accept is awarded the job.
    • Distribute documents assigns files evenly among translators based upon work count.

Assignment Options memoQ


If users within your project use translation tools other than memoQ, you can send them a bilingual format which they can translate in their own CAT tool or in a word processor. Once the translation is done, you can reimport the file and capture the updates they have worked on.  
Bilingual Export Options


Multilingual project management

memoQ project manager edition allows projects to have one source language and multiple target languages.
  • Local projects can only be set up with one source language and target language. You can later add or remove target languages.
  • Online projects can be set up with multiple target languages from the start. Once the project is up and running you can then add and remove other target languages.

Adding & removing languages in projects

Export path rules

When exporting a file or a folder, users can choose between different export path options:
  • Same path as the import path of the original file
  • Same file or folder name plus 3-letter extension for the target language (Ex.: Demo.docx → Demo_Ger.docx)
Users can easily view the import and export of a document by checking the document details. 
memoQ import & export path


memoQ project manager offers three types of reports crucial to the good management of a translation project.

Analysis report 

Shows the scope of the project including the savings from translation memories, LiveDocs and homogeneity. It summarizes leverage and word of your project.

Progress report

It shows the progress of the overall project and the individual users at the moment.

Post-translation analysis report

After the project is completed it is possible to analyze how it went and who contributed what. This is a crucial report if you want to compensate your translators fairly and one person could not finish translating a document, and another person had to take it over.

Edit distance statistics

Shows how many segments have been edited and the amount of characters changed.

Automation with project templates

Workflow automation within memoQ has been greatly enhanced with project templates. Project managers can take advantage of this functionality and automate the work involved at kicking-off a project and particular stages within a workflow. Project templates eliminate repetitive actions and have memoQ do these automatically.

Quality management

While also the memoQ translator pro edition can apply linguistic quality assurance (LQA) models such as the LISA QA model or SAE J2450, these are usually deployed only in organizations where professional project management is at place. memoQ provides a way to define your models and allows the review to categorize translation errors into error categories.
Note: this functionality is only available for online projects when working in a server environment.

Multi window project management

memoQ can easily become a “multiple-window” application and fulfill the needs of a busy project manager.

Whenever there is a long operation like file import, statistics or pre-translation, the project manager can simply jump into another project in a separate window, and keep working while the other operation is completed.

It is also possible to work on a local project while managing an online project, or to work on a checked out copy of an online project and have the same project simultaneously open for project management. This is particularly useful when verifying the results of a change in the project management window, as the project manager may need to hop between the checked out copy and back.

Send long operations to the background

PMs are able to send long operations into the background. Almost any operation in memoQ that can keep you waiting for minutes can now be hidden. These include document import/export, statistics and other reports, pre-translation, x-translation and confirm and update rows.
PMs can easily find hidden operations in their task tracker window, where ongoing and finished tasks are listed together with their result.

Learn more about project management in memoQ in this video! 

Note: this functionality is only available for online projects when working in a server environment.

A project manager usually works with large numbers of projects. If is not properly managed, your PM dashboard can easily become flooded with projects that have already ended and which are no longer relevant for your current work.

To keep your dashboard clean, you can archive projects automatically or manually. After you archive a project, the list of active projects will no longer show the ones you archived.

If necessary, you can check the list of archived projects and restore them again.
Archive project - memoQ
Check this image to see where the archive icon is located on the project ribbon.


Learn more about project management in memoQ in this video!



Pricing and payment method

A memoQ translator pro license costs 620 EUR or 770 USD. Please check prices in our webshop by selecting your country. memoQ translator pro purchases require electronic payment using credit or debit card, PayPal or bank transfer and can be done in Euros, American Dollars on Hungarian Forints. 

Payments are secured by Wirecard or Paypal as payment service providers. For a detailed description on how to purchase a license click here.

Licensing and support and maintenance 

When you buy a memoQ translator pro license, the license per se is lifelong, in other words, it will never expire. Along with the license you get free upgrades to upcoming versions as well as technical support for 12 months after your purchase.

If you want to keep on upgrading your memoQ license and accessing technical support after the first year, you will need to renew your support and maintenance agreement (SMA) which is 20% of memoQ’s list price, and lasts for another year. Please do this once your SMA expires. We will send you reminder emails, but even if you upgrade later, SMA will be charged from the day your previous SMA expired.

Read more about renewing your support and maintenance agreement here.

Contacting support

Kilgray’s support is always happy to help you. To contact support, write an email to support@kilgray.com. Be aware that the speed of resolving an issue also depends on you. We recommend you to read this page to understand what you need to know before contacting support. 
What is it?

What is it?

memoQ project manager is a computer assisted translation environment designed to manage translations projects and increase productivity.

Simple project management

Simple project management

memoQ project manager features functionality to ease management work in translation projects.

Package management

Package management

memoQ project manager edition allows you to create several translation packages from your bilingual or multilingual projects.

Multilingual projects

Multilingual projects

In memoQ project manager edition projects can have one source language and multiple target languages.

Reporting & Automation

Reporting & Automation

memoQ features reporting features crucial for the good management of a project. It also offers project templates for the automation of workflows.

Multi window project management

Multi window project management

Requires memoQ server

Large file imports should not keep you waiting for minutes! Simply jump into another project in a separate window, and keep working until the operation is completed.

Keep your PM workspace tidy

Keep your PM workspace tidy

Requires memoQ server

Archive projects to keep your dashboard clean.

Pricing and licensing

Pricing and licensing

How much does memoQ translator pro cost? Does my license expire? Where can I find support? Read more about all these here.