memoQ server Web Service API

This API provides access to memoQ Server functionality via standard web services technology, therefore enables integration with any platform supporting standard web services, including applications developed in Microsoft .NET or Java.

With the web service interface it is possible to control the memoQ server from another application. This API allows the integration of the memoQ server with proprietary software, a project management system or other software.


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To use the memoQ Server Web Service API you need an installed and licensed copy of the memoQ server and a special, "Web Service API" license.


The web service interface includes the following functionality
  • Translation memory management
    • Creating, publishing, deleting and listing translation memories
    • Importing from and exporting to TMX files
    • Lookup, concordance search, adding and updating entries
  • Term base management
    • Creating, publishing, deleting and listing term bases
    • Exporting to memoQ CSV format and MultiTerm XML format
    • Importing from memoQ CSV format
  • LiveDocs corpora
    • Creating, publishing, deleting and listing corpora
  • Light resource management
    • Translation memories and term bases are called heavy resources. Opposed to them, the following entities belong to light resources: segmentation rules, auto translatables, non translatables, ignore lists, autocorrect lists, TM settings, filter configurations, keyboard shortcuts, export path rules and QA settings.
    • Creating, publishing, cloning, deleting and listing light resources
    • Importing from and exporting to memoQ resource format (different for each resource type)
  • Security
    • User management
    • Group management
    • Permission management
    • Login and logout, user sessions
  • Online projects
    • Online project management (creating, updating, listing, deleting, assigning users, etc.)Assigning resources (translation memories, term bases, corpora, light resources) to server projects Import and export of translation documents in primary (such as plain text, RTF, XML, etc.) and in bilingual formats into online projects.
    • Assigning vendors to projects and documents (also memoQ server's special assignment options like FirstAccept)
    • Statistics
    • Pre-translation
    • X-translation based on the previous version of the same document
    • Get document history
    • Run quality assurance and get a QA report
    • Run, and retrieve the result of post-translation analysis
  • File management
    • Upload of files in chunks for later processing (such as for document import)
    • Download of file in chunks created by server operations (such as document export)
  • License management
    • Managing license assignments (assigning licenses to users and listing assignments, etc.)
    • Managing license permissions (adding license permissions to users/groups, listing license permissions, etc.)
    • Listing project license permissions
    • Listing ELM license pools