memoQ server Resources API

The Resources API is an open interface of memoQ server to send queries to – and get results from – translation memories and term bases on memoQ servers. The Resources API is meant to be used by third-party tools – translation tools and other software not made by Kilgray.

The Resources API is part of memoQ server: you can set it up while installing memoQ server itself, but it can also be configured later, when other parts of memoQ server are already running.
memoQ server Resources API Installation Manual
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memoQ server Resources API documentation

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Each connection to the memoQ server resources API requires a web license, which means that the maximum number of allowed connections is the number of web licenses plus translator licenses in the pool on the memoQ server.

To use the Resources API, you need a memoQ server; that is, a computer that runs memoQ server. You can set up the Resources API during the installation of memoQ server, but you can also configure it afterwards