Kilgray Professional Services

To support customers and partners in the effective implementation and application of their technology, Kilgray Translation Technologies presents Professional Services. 

    Our program provides:

    A team of industry specialists that bring together business, translation and technology experience which will improve overall productivity and streamline your business processes from individual translator to end-buyer and all stakeholders in between.
    • Audit and optimize your translation technology
      Many companies have a translation management system (TMS) in place but feel they could be getting more from it. 

      The first step in our process to improve how your translation technology works is a sanity check or complete environment verification. We carefully listen to how our customers are making use of technology to understand its utilization and discover areas to improve. It usually demands analyzing customer’s current translation workflow as well as settings and configurations.

      We then evaluate the identified pain points to make suggestions for improvement. Assessing our customer’s priorities is important to know what they can implement by themselves and whether they require specific training or consulting.  

      The deliverable at the end of this analysis is a written report with proposals for further optimizing your translation technology which generally include: recommended settings, suggestions for workflow changes, using specific filters, APIs, among others. Our professional services team can use their expertise to help you implement these proposals.
    • Automation of translation workflow
      Customers usually have an idea of what processes they want to automate but not necessarily know how. Our professional services team helps you spot manual steps in your workflow which cost time and money to your company. After assessing your translation workflow, our team highlights how you can optimize it by replacing the manual steps with automated processes. 
      Our range of automation solutions go from the implementation of project templates, which are usually regarded as quick wins, to the development of connections to 3rd party systems like customer management systems, project management systems or other CAT tools. Our team will deliver a report on how automation can save you time and money and then implement the workflow changes.
    • Online and onsite training and consulting
      Customers have been demanding consulting and training for a while. Many of them are looking forward to having their own memoQ champion in-house. That is why our team also offers tailored translation and localization technology trainings to meet your team’s specific needs in addition to online training and other resources already provided by Kilgray. Our ultimate goal is to empower users within the life-cycle of our technology products.
    • Custom development
      Maximizing your workflow through the implementation of customized solutions. Our professional services team has experience in developing a range of custom solutions which include:
      • • Automation API scripts for memoQ server.
      • • Integration of memoQ server with other technologies.
      • • Extracting data from memoQ server and importing it into other technologies.
      • • Creation of customized reports.
      • • Integration with 3rd party software.
      • • API based solutions for specific requirements.
      • • Special custom features programmed into memoQ interface.
      • • File preparation scripts for special formats.