We stand with CEU

  • 10 April 2017
  • by Balázs Kis
We stand with CEU

A company usually shows its values through its products and through the way it treats customers. But sometimes this is not enough – sometimes a company must stand up for a cause. 

Our company exists because humanity strives to spread and access knowledge across language barriers. Our company exists because, through research and innovation, we believe we can help people cross or bring down these barriers.

Our company is based in Hungary.

We are a small but diverse community – 40ish people from nine nations and three continents. But we serve customers from more than sixty countries. The freedom to learn and to exchange ideas is as natural to us as a breath of air.

We want to help build a country where schools are opened, not closed. We want to help build a country where good education becomes available to everyone rather than to just the happy few. We want to help build a country that stands out by welcoming and embracing knowledge rather than shutting the door to everything foreign or different.

We want to live in a world where innovation and knowledge are not stopped at national borders, and no nation drives them away.

We stand with CEU.
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Balázs Kis, Chairman of the Board.