Speed + Quality: Download Your June Build!

  • 06 June 2016

Quality is king. Speed is money. Quality + speed = memoQ – a post by Szabolcs Kincse

Here is your June question: do you remember the banality about the three friends: Quality, Speed and Cost? Well, if you spent your student years like I did this situation will certainly be familiar for you: they all live in a very small house, and unfortunately they always dine separately as they have a very small table – they only have chairs for two. If Quality and Speed are sitting, Cost will stay hungry; should Speed and Cost grab the chairs first, Quality will go to work without eating; if Quality and Cost are fastest, Speed will have a hungry workday.

memoQ solutions have always been the extra chair for your business to sit these three friends down at the same time – but with this new build we are giving them a giant couch and a living room to be comfortable in: we are providing speed and quality enhancements to translator pro and server versions!

So what does the June release give you?

Our engineers have been working hard to come up with new routines to make sure you have less time for coffee when importing really large-size TMs. Our testers have been reporting great results: in some cases, importing these mega-monster-super-files took up to 70 times less than before! Sorry for taking the coffee break away – but we are sure you will be satisfied with the improvement nevertheless.

Talking about satisfaction: server performance is also on a fast track with improvements for such cool functions as checking out a large project, synchronizing a single document’s changes, assigning a few thousand documents in one go, or creating packages.

Quality Assurance is even better than ever – the integrated QA module got much smarter through a number of functions, plus you get a neat new report. You get goodies such as a fully customizable regex checker and a range of cracking improvements you will not want to miss out on. Microsoft is on the go – but we cannot have them running wild: we made sure memoQ catches up with them in terms of SmartArt, URLs within links, document properties and more – and we tackled that great but annoying new feature in PowerPoint related to equations.

We do not want to repeat ourselves – make sure you check out the build’s page here, so you can have the overview of the newbies.

Who can install this new build?

Basically, everybody who has memoQ – however, let me give you a quick overview.

You can, of course, download and install the build with all the nice goodies if you have a valid, installed memoQ 2015 license. In this case you can download and install any new builds for the main version.

If you have an earlier version up and running but you have a valid SMA, then you have the choice to update to 2015 – and then download and install the new version. Easy.

You have no valid SMA and you are a previous version user? Go and buy one here – it will guarantee you all the new builds and other important things like our great support for a full year to come. With that you can update to 2015 and install the new build.

There is one more case that might concern a few of you – I know it is now pure science fiction but we are friendly people and you might make use of this tiny piece of information: if you are using the 7.5 or 2014 R2 version and you still had a valid SMA at the time the 2015 release came out (which was the 22nd of May 2015) – you are in the go-go! You can update to 2015 free of charge and fish out all the new features offered by the new builds.

So do not forget: quality is king, speed is money – quality + money = memoQ!