memoQ 2015 build 158 released

  • 20 September 2016

New builds of memoQ and memoQ server 2015 are available with bug fixes.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.

New features and enhancements:

-Expand the Termbase SDK with coloring options

-Enhanced QA report - refinements

-Export project report to Excel - You can right-click one or more online projects, and create an Excel report listing every document, and most of the information memoQ server has about them: assignments, deadlines, wordcounts, descriptive fields, etc.

-JSON: Improvements to the handling of context ID: include hierarchical information, allow adding a manual top-level prefix

Bugs that have been fixed since the last update:

0027566: Layout problems in "post translation analysis" window
0027775: MatchPatch doesn't substitute the second hit if it occurs twice in a segment
0027803: QA gives double warnings if there is a shorter and longer hit for the same word. The shorter one should be hidden.
0028351: DOCX: Lost symbol in the exported file
0028357: QA gives false warnings for target-only forbidden terms, if the target term is forbidden in one entry and not in another
0028365: Unable to deliver translated document in Webtrans in specific case
0028380: DOCX - import fails due to missing namespace on id attribute for bookmarkStart element
0028382: QA settings' name is not visible in the exported QA report
0028421: QA Export report with given QA rule set produces empty results.
0028472: XML export: Exporting in S-JIS encoding uses incorrect encoding
0028474: SVG: Code appears insted of text
0028488: TIPP: import fails due to target language codes
0028490: Creating a view of inconsistent translations cannot be opened because the segments are currently open in another document
0028491: RESX: Attached file can not be imported with the attached filter configuration.
0028495: Setting the target term base for terms not working in specific case
0028497: LQA export fails to export as Excel on special case
0028501: QA Exported HTML file is corrupted when there are quotes in project metadata
0028503: QA settings and AutoPick: Full-width characters cannot be assigned for Decimal symbol/Negative sign/Digit grouping symbol
0028506: Filter configuration set up in template not offered when importing document in memoQWeb
0028508: "Use in project" button selects only one heavy resource in case multiple are selected
0028510: PPTX, POTX, PPSX preview creation failed
0028513: Cannot generate Transit return package
0028519: QA gives false missing/extra number warning if there is also a longer number in the segment containing the number in question
0028521: Cannot export mqxlz from local copy when server project does not allow downloading skeleton
0028525: Online project configuration changes when creating a clone
0028526: Error message on one character private message
0028530: Package workflow of an online project does not support linked remote qTerm TBs
0028537: Remote TM: TMX import failure because of Performance counter issue
0028542: DOCX: Unable to import file with special chart content
0028544: SDLRPX: Unable to export in some cases
0028545: Multilingual delimited text filter: XLS file fails to be imported with "Segmentation on line break" option
0028551: "NonQA cannot be saved" error makes it impossible to check out project in specific case
0028554: SDLXLIFF: wrong tag id set at export
0028555: Multilingual delimited text filter: Export fails for specific file with in-place translation and conditions
0028556: QA Export report fails when error description contains inline tag markers
0028564: X-Translate fails if one of the source segments contains inline tags and its target doesn't
0028566: WS API IP address editor in Server administrator takes wrong input
0028569: Various errors in find and replace
0028573: Error when exporting QA report created which includes view(s)
0028579: DOCX: Error when opening the docx file with word after it has exported from memoQ
0028580: DOCX: The export failed because of incorrectly paired inline tags
0028583: WorldServer package does not import 2 TMs, target language is empty
0028587: XML: comment/context in CDATA causes import error
0028594: Confirm and update scope cannot be set
0028595: XLIFF: translation aligned with wrong source segment
0028599: Cannot export doc because of incorrectly paired inline tags
0028601: QA false warnings if a quotation mark is defined twice with different restrictions
0028602: XLF import fails in WebPM
0028603: Monolingual review import fails
0028606: Wrong cursor behaviour in Find and Replace dialog
0028609: Running QA stops with an error if a wrong quotation mark is at the end of a segment that has tags
0028613: DOCX: Document with translatable attribute can not be exported from a multilingual online project
0028614: PPTX: Unable to export document with empty equation item
0028615: Multilingual delimited text filter: cell is not ignored based on background theme color
0028631: Transit: if using the "Treat markup as XML" option, entity references are corrupted by import and export
0028633: PPTM: Unable to import document with SmartArt in notes
0028636: Some filters are not working in the exported HTML QA report
0028642: QA keeps old number warnings from a previous QA check if a valid warning is also present
0028657: No search result after adding relation to terms
0028676: cannot disconnect LT connected project
0028677: cannot backup LT disconnected project
0028688: Preview pane: shows wrong document when working on multi-document view
0028694: XLSX: cell data not exported correctly
0028705: server owner can see subvendor's docuemnt assignments to users
0028708: WS-API GetStatisticsOnProject fails in a special case
0028730: "Reshuffle" button not working on "Assing selected documents to users" dialog