memoQ 2015 build 157 released

  • 18 August 2016

New builds of memoQ and memoQ server 2015 are available with bug fixes.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.

New features and enhancements:

memoQ server can automatically run QA and export QA reports (and / or email them to project members and PMs) when translations are delivered in online projects

Bugs that have been fixed since the last update:

0028365: Unable to deliver translated document in Webtrans
0028486: SDLXLIFF: import fails due to trans-units with same id in different file tags
0028337: PPTX: Libreoffice doesn't show the translated text on the graphical objects
0028433: Exception is shown when trying to add a term to TB with not the exact project languages
0028432: memoQ crashes on adding new term in the TB editor
0028413: Changing profile information in memoQWeb produces error but information is still saved
0028449: WorldServer: xliff non translatable content import option missing from config
0028442: DOCX: Import fails for documents that contain SmartArt in their footer
0028467: XLIFF: Autocomplete errors from embedded TM when translating XLIFF documents imported from certain TIPP package
0028431: Keyboard shortcuts: Inline tags group cannot be expanded without tags
0028347: PPTX: Cannot export document if br tag was inserted
0028354: HTM: Attached file can not be imported with custom filter options
0028469: Replace from the Find and replace listing window works incorrectly when the found text has tags
0028368: Cannot update document with Trados-compatible bilingual DOC
0028468: Cannot replace when formatting is spoiled in the find and replace listing window
0028444: Error occurs during docx import
0028391: Excel+HTML: HTML content imported incorrectly
0028466: Replace from the Find and replace listing windows works incorrectly for expanded tags
0028411: SDLXLIFF: import fails when document holds mixture of file tags with interpretable and non interpretable formatting- format import option stored separately for each file tag found in the document
0028448: 102% matches sometimes have not been considered as candidates for pre-translation.
0028389: False QA warnings for Arabic numbers
0028362: The base language fallback does not automatically work for Norwegian Bokmal, Norwegian Nynorsk
0028445: Clicking on the links of the TB plugins' html pretty print throws an exception
0028434: Unable to create online project from template
0028171: QA report export throughs an error
0028484: QA gives false warning for missing non-breaking space before tag instead of after tag in some cases
0028405: QA number checker reports error on false format where the number is right according to the settings (eg. 2.5 million)
0028480: QA - Warning for missing space when there is a punctuation mark (eg. quotation mark) before a tag
0028481: QA - false missing space before/after tag if there are many tags with the same name and attributes
0028477: QA - False positive warnings for quotation marks in German when the pairs are of different types
0028503: QA settings and AutoPick: Full-width characters cannot be assigned for Decimal symbol/Negative sign/Digit grouping symbol
0028502: QA gives false format warning for non-Latin digits if the number has decimal digits (eg. 4.5)
0028438: QA - Fixed header covers the focused warning in the exported QA report
0028305: QA - Punctuation marks - normally opening double quote can also be closing quotes: change defaults to no restrictions for spaces
0028412: QA - False warning for missing brackets with apostrophes in the segment (French) + location of highlight is misplaced
0028414: QA - False positive QA warnings about correct apostrophes in target for Italian
0028412: QA - False warning for missing brackets with apostrophes in the segment (French) + location of highlight is misplaced (part 1)
0028405: QA - QA number checker reports error on false format where the number is right according to the settings (eg. 2.5 million)
0028405: QA - False QA report on number format
0028417: Highlight target segments where the translation is different from the best TM match incorrectly works for a segment with tags
0028419: Auto translation rule Wrong result in case of converting a few currency
0028341: Windows input language change by memoQ
0028420: DOCX: Unable to export specific document with hyperlink
0028418: All exported QA warnings are in the "Uncategorized" group
0028393: Composite filter: Unable to import docx file that doesn't contain embedded documents
0028375: Multilingual Delimited Text Filter: certain cells with theme colors are not ignored at import
0028136: LQA error lists - update preview fails on special case
0028399: Systran MT should use zho-Hans for all Chinese languages
0028237: API key in Server Administrator for non-admin users should be hidden
0028185: Trados Studio project package import selects wrong target language
0028395: Update from bilingual does not trigger after document import automated action in client
0028388: Weighted counts are not available after execute in Pre-translate with statistics in online project
0028390: Document status shows Translation in progress when all the segments are either confirmed or R2 confirmed
0028387: SDLXLIFF: When import an sdlxliff file with unchecked Map xliff statuses, the import fails.
0028386: Template import fails with error message
0028285: TB: Duplicate removal shows swapped colours
0028243: Edit TM entry dialog undo and redo command not working
0028317: QTerm default fields mismatch memoQ TB default fields, and this cause the import and export logic fail
0028294: Convert to LQA error action does not work
0028296: mQWeb can not save the row if a comment was added to a LQA error
0028344: Project checkout fails with timeout error
0028329: XLS - file cannot be imported when using ASPOSE for conversion
0028200: memoQ cloud server backups eat up free space in case of FTP outage
0028300: YAML import of line with multiple values is not correct
0028165: memoQ drops CharacterStyleRange in Indesign
0028343: Deadline not updated in local copy after delivery if the translator and the reviewer are the same
0028340: WS-API AlignDocumentsGetTmx fails in a specific case
0028331: Resources API (TB) - OptimisticConcurrencyException on updating entry
0028312: General error when trying to delete open term extraction session
0028328: General error when trying to continue term extraction session after leaving memoQ idle
0028306: Image transcription is not working in local copies
0028315: Missing and duplicated hotkeys are on Find and replace dialog
0028224: Delivery fails in package-enabled projects in a special case
0028282: MIF: hidden conditional text is imported because of misinterpreted BoolCond expressions
0027889: All documents delivered by ... trigger might activate again after changing workflow status backwards