memoQ 2015 build 155 released

  • 19 July 2016

New builds of memoQ and memoQ server 2015 are available with bug fixes.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.

New features and enhancements:

Binary PowerPoint presentation files can be imported for translation even if no suitable version of PowerPoint is present. Also, all PowerPoint presentations must receive real-time preview, although preview still has known issues. memoQ server can also import such files and produce preview when importing through content connector or the WSAPI. 

AltlangMT plugin has been integrated
KantanMT plugin improvement
TildeMT plugin update

Bugs that have been fixed since the last update:

0028344: Project checkout fails with timeout error
0028329: XLS - file cannot be imported when using ASPOSE for conversion
0028317: QTerm default fields mismatch memoQ TB default fields, and this cause the import and export logic fail
0028321: memoQ doesn't log its current version
0028308: PPTX: Attached files cannot be imported
0028130: When importing a folder structure, some files are not imported in a spcific case
0028281: Cannot reset or select an available filter on Discussion tab
0028302: MultiTerm term base import fails
0028179: XLF: import issue
0028292: Reassign button should not be active in a checked out copy
0028036: MemoQWeb: jump to the next segment shortcut not working
0028297: Picking XML config by document root element is not working for non ASCII encoded files
0028164: Deleted documents cannot be removed from content connected online projects
0028127: "Export QA" report forgets last folder
0028284: ODT: Hyperlink is removed from exported document
0028290: JSON: in some special cases import fails because context id cannot be set for segment
0028209: Quick tag insert crashes
0028199: DOCX: exported document cannot be opened by Word
0028264: SDLXLIFF: tag catalog with namespace prefix not processed
0028275: DOCX: Importing file with specific footer content fails
0028261: DOCX: Comment created in memoQ is not highlighted in exported document
0028265: Template editor Termbase filtering leaves empty rows
0028254: memoQ server custom code execution disables itself in specific case
0028259: Unable to select filter when you create a cascading filter
0028061: SDLPPX package: SDLTB cannot be imported if any project language is missing
0028260: memoQ freezes during startup in multi-user environment
0028242: Changes in Punctuation rules are not saved in case of remote QA resource
0028255: memoQ crashes to desktop when reopening projects and terminology plugin is enabled
0028252: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: missing comment in segmented source
0028251: DOCX: Unable to export
0028226: SDLXLIFF: fails to export
0028235: if you pin an online keyboard shortcut resource, then make it a local project default and delete it, memoQ fails to start
0028237: API key in Server Administrator is visible for non-admin users
0028180: Cannot Create a new Project with job details store in LT
0028172: XLF: when testing for "untouched" segments at export, take into account the segment status, and comments
Fixing LT related issues in project template editor
0028233: Drag and drop issue from the "Files" tab of online projects
0028232: MemoQWeb: non-braking space issue + some minor fixes
0028228: Error when inserting certificate thumbprint
0028224: Delivery fails in package-enabled projects in a special case
0028155: user who is PM in the project doesn't receive "project CAL" TP license on checkout
0028198: Compatibility (checking out projects) with memoQ 2014 broken after updating memoQ server to build 7.8.153
0027989: WS API shall be enabled by default if a cloud server is created with WS API
0028199: DOCX: exported document cannot be opened by Word
0028093: Comments dialog's text field has a little GUI issue only in Firefox browser
0028039: Non-translatable item found as error, if the term is directly between tags
0028211: WS-API ReImportTranslationDocuments: option to keep existing user assignments
0028129: Cannot export TM
0028197: Email messages sent by server containing document names should be limited to 10 documents
0028149: Importing certain DOCX file fails
0028189: Execute custom code fails to run for triggers that has no file in scope