memoQ 2014 R2 build 66 released

  • 25 July 2016

New builds of memoQ and memoQ server 2014 R2 are available with bug fixes and improvements.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.

Bugs that have been fixed since the last update:

0028344: Project checkout fails with timeout error
0028300: YAML import of line with multiple values is not correct
0028343: Deadline not updated in local copy after delivery if the translator and the reviewer are the same
0028312: General error when trying to delete open term extraction session
0028328: General error when trying to continue term extraction session after leaving memoQ idle
0028315: Missing and duplicated hotkeys are on Find and replace dialog
0028224: Delivery fails in package-enabled projects in a special case
0028282: MIF: hidden conditional text is imported because of misinterpreted BoolCond expressions
0028317: QTerm default fields mismatch memoQ TB default fields, and this cause the import and export logic fail
0028321: memoQ doesn't log its current version
0028308: PPTX: some files cannot be imported
0028130: When importing a folder structure, many files are not imported
0028303: Cannot apply filter on the Discussions tab
0028302: MultiTerm term base import fails
0028179: XLF: import issue
0028164: Deleted documents cannot be removed from content connected online projects
0028284: ODT: Hyperlink is removed from exported document
0028290: JSON: in some special cases import fails because context id cannot be set for segment
0028265: Template editor Termbase filtering leaves empty rows
0028061: SDLPPX package: SDLTB cannot be imported if any project language is missing
0028260: memoQ freezes during startup in multi-user environment
0028172: XLF: when testing for "untouched" segments at export, take into account the segment status, and comments
0028039: Non-translatable item found as error, if the term is directly between tags
0028197: Email messages sent by server containing document names should be limited to 10 documents
0028001: Typo3 filter segmentation
0028168: memoQ wants to publish package on server from Manage projects window if My computer is selected
0028169: Multilingual XML: import fails for certain language
0028050: YAML: Behaviour at Line Feed
0027976: IDML: cross-references are changed in exported file
0028078: MQXLIFF: import says "Unknown file type" when running out of memory
0028156: XSLT: Preview creation fails with attached files
0027999: Resource Console and Translation memories pane opened very slowly
0028007: XML DITA filter handling of alt tags
0028033: Opening discussion window throws error
0027216: Transit package does not recognize Irish language
0028019: Replacing tags + text together shifts embedded term highlight
0028051: YAML: import with the most minimal changes
0028008. When importing large TBs in rare cases indexing failed. Fixed
0027990: YAML filter fails to interpret escaped characters
0028059: YAML key value imported for block mapping entries
0028058: YAML incorrect import behaviour
0028028: Cannot export xls file - footer text too long
0028027: General error when trying to deliver a document after filtering in the translation grid
0027912: Cannot add users to a template and a project
0028009: After restarting memoQ server, memoQ client can't take CAL license until restarted
0028034: PPF Error message on changing the path of Transit package export from online project management
0028024: Missing/wrong tooltip for "Use in Project / Remove" button on LiveDocs ribbon tab
0027922: DOCX endnote loses formatting
0027862: If you try to adding a term to a QTerm base the cursor is not in the right place.
0027990: YAML filter fails to interpret escaped characters
0027997: Template: Unable to create online project with template
0026659: Content Connected project can't be moved to the Recycle Bin if the auth ID is changed in the corresponding connector.
0027955: XSLT preview: failing xslt preview for valid xml documents with processing instructions at the beginning of the file
0027884: Structural alignment of XML not working for translatable attributes
0027968: TMX import through WSAPI: handle the case when the source and target languages are "similar" (e.g. English US and English AUS)
0027963: Access denied error when documents were imported on different computer and using Export (Stored Path)
0027880: Different behaviour of TB lookup
0027946: There are some GUI issue in LQA reports dialog
0027927: YAML preview appears wrong when importing it with YAML+HTML+Regex Tagger cascading filter
0027928: Transit: comments added in memoQ are not always exported
0027929: Multilingual delimited text filter: cannot add columns beyond Z 
0027855: DOCX: Import fails in some cases
0027924: Default local resource appears as default server resource
0027902: Row history is different in memoQ and on MemoQWeb (same project)
0027920: Error on creating online project from template on
0027891: Same folder structure got imported separately if there is a case difference
0027904: Multilingual online project package workflow: error when selecting language after resetting project
0027845: TM editor: false positives are returned when filtering on source segments (quotes are still needed)
0027892: TM entries modification date with project check out
0027843: Template: Automatic unlock didn't go through the documents
0027895: Image localization pack export fails
0027887: After fixing YAML file it cannot be exported
0027833: Forgotten ignored warnings during XLIFF export-import cycle
0027879: YAML: Import fails in some cases
0027888: Create edit distance report automated action creates individual reports for each document
0027663: Match below threshold is inserted upon pre-translation
0027889: All documents delivered by ... trigger might activate again after changing workflow status backwards
0027788: MIF: index entries, backslash character imported as translatable content for escaped : characters and : character is ignored
0027885: Slate desktop does not handle Chinese language variants properly
0027364: IDML invisible segment import issue
0027851: MIF: chapter numbers appear as $chapnum
0027877: Handoff: join/split available in view even when disabled
0027762: Unable to open mif file in adobe frame maker after exported from memoQ
0027825: Termbase fields are mixed up on the import terminology screen
0027875: Transit Package: pre-translated segment imported as Translated
0027874: Transit Package: wrong match rates shown in memoQ (100% instead of the correct value)
0027871: Transit Package: Import fails with errors
0027873: Failing to import a JSON file, says "it does not contain elements"
0027848: MQXLZ import memory leak
0027864: Multilingual delimited text filter: export fails
0027858: Wrong confirm using status in online project
0027870: Undesired workflow status change in a special case
0027866: WS-API: the deadline set by the function SetTranslationDocumentAssignments is incorrect in a special case
0027844: Unable to import the TBX
0027811: Cannot deliver mqback package in specific cases
0027800: TIPP: Unable to import .TIPP package
0027661: For Nordic language projects QA might have missed correct terms in the target and reported false missing terms.
0027611: Error on removing TB duplicates
0027829: Cannot export LQA error list into xlsx
0027625: LQA report wrong behaviour
0027830: SQL deadlock causes memoQ server crash
0027819: Multilingual XML: XML import rules window opens very slowly in case of huge files
0027161: Additional checks added to detect corrupted fuzzy indices, setting the intact flag appropriately.
0027822: TBX import fails with error message
0027806: External webservice callback does not work with https
0027802: User name stored with TB entries is windows user
0027787: MuliDelimited export fails in special cases
0027753: Do not save "duplicate" comments (one that has the same content and applies to the same as an existing content)
0027793: Pre-translate automated action does not write into the progress log if the R1/R2 confirmed status is not applicable
0027794: Can't change the Actions' places at Automation actions settings.
0027791: ODT: Missing rows from the export
0027764: MIF: export fails - More than one SectionOrigin was found for the marker.
0027780: Multilingual XML filter import rules cannot be edited
0027550: QTerm 'Search of term' keyboard navigation lose focus after closing 'In term base' dropdown
0027739: Add to LiveDocs: very slow for an online corpus; progress bar shows false 100% completion; cancel doesn't cancel
0027745: Error message with specified AutoTranslation rule