memoQ WebTrans - browser-based translation and review

memoQ WebTrans is a version of memoQ which works in any web browser. There is no need to have memoQ installed on your computer, you can simply use a URL and sign in. memoQ WebTrans is integrated with memoQ server. When you sign in, you see the documents assigned to you. You can translate the document with access to translation memory, term base and LiveDocs resources.

memoQ WebTrans translation workflow

The workflow for memoQ WebTrans starts with a project manager creating an online project and assigning translators to the project. The translator gets an email, and then logs into the memoQ WebTrans interface for this instance of memoQ server. The translator will see a list of all documents assigned. They select the document they want to translate and click the Edit button. The document will then be opened in a new browser tab.

memoQ WebTrans emulates the memoQ desktop client interface in a simplified way. The translator will see the source segments on the left hand side. If the document has been pre-translated they will also see matching target segments. To the right they will see results from translation memories, LiveDocs and term bases. Below they will see a preview pane. Concordance, spell checking, translation memory and terminology lookup, and the full scope of editing instructions are available using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. When the translation is done, the translator can click Deliver to indicate that the work was performed. Every segment is immediately saved to your online projects, and project managers can see the progress real time.

memoQ WebTrans review workflow

Many memoQ customers are using memoQ WebTrans to support customer and subject matter expert review. You can set up users in the server who then access WebTrans as reviewers. Reviewers can see the preview, and if you apply a linguistic quality assurance (LQA) model, you can also mark the different types of errors on the web interface. Real-time quality assurance checks also support the work of reviewers.
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