No time to waste! – if there is one ground rule for project management this is it.  Save time and resources – without compromising quality. memoQ Adriatic will do just that in one of the most mission critical aspects of your work: in Project Management. We are proud to say that Adriatic delivers truly powerful performance enhancements to PMs. We achieved that by listening to user feedback and by carefully streamlining some of the most regular processes your staff is engaged in daily.
The new feature pack is bringing real value to your Project Managers: you will save time and resources with the new tools designed to provide better resource management and ergonomy in your team’s work. Deploying memoQ Adriatic is a true productivity boost for project managers!
Multi-Window Project Management


Are you a multitasker? Well, if you are a Project Manager you should well be! memoQ Adriatic will help you get rid of idle times by introducing multi-window project management. You’ve been asking for it, now you get it: open as many online projects as you want, take care of burning matters, then return to your work at hand. Just don’t come back complaining about missing those coffee breaks!


Online project backups, restore and auto-archive


Is there anything more distracting than those never-have-been-started, long-forgotten or even abandoned projects residing on your workspace waiting impatiently for you to find time to finally get rid of them? Now you can archive these manually – and you can even set up a rule to do that automatically when projects are completed or wrapped up. Of course, you can restore anything should you ever need it again. This process actually removes these projects from the database and the file system to help not only your ergonomy, but also your machine performance. 
Task Tracker


Do you have megaprojects and mega-sized resources to take care of? The coolest Project Managers all do! It is for them we created the Task Tracker: it is not only tracking task progress – but you can send lengthy operations into the background, and, instead of a short coffee break, you can get on straight away with the next task… No more waiting for the import of gigantic folder structures, the exporting internet-sized translation projects! Save more time in Project Management with Task Tracker!

More windows to stay open



It is not only multiple online projects you can keep open simultaneously on your screen! memoQ Adriatic works with several windows too: you can open the Resource console, the Server administrator, the Manage projects and the Options and keep them open at the same time – while the main window can display Dashboard or Project home. memoQ has become a truly multi-window application with Adriatic!

Learn how these features work in memoQ. Check this short video!

I am interested! What next?

If you would like to purchase a copy of memoQ for the first time or simply upgrade your current license to memoQ Adriatic, then follow the instructions below.

New customers

If you are representing an LSP or an enterprise you can download memoQ server directly from our site, or contact us to try the new customer portal.

If you are a translator, you can buy a new copy of memoQ translator pro directly from our webshop. We first recommend downloading the free 45-day trial edition of memoQ.

If you would like to use memoQ's Language Terminal, you can sing up for free here.

Existing customers

If you have a memoQ license and a valid SMA, you can download and start using it immediately. If your support and maintenance is expired, you will need to renew it to install memoQ Adriatic.