Machine Translation Extension Point

There is a growing number of Machine Translation (MT) systems available and many of the providers of these systems would like to see their plugin integrated with memoQ. In order to support this Kilgray have created a memoQ plugin API.

We usually introduce the plugin developer to a senior member of the Kilgray development team who will explain the process to them and assist them with any issues.

Machine translation plugin for general distribution

You can either create a plugin that will become part of memoQ, or a plugin that you will keep separated from the main software.

The workflow for creating a plugin for public distribution is as follows:
  • The plugin is developed using the MT SDK in the C# language.
  • The source code of the plugin is sent to us for review. We review the code and test the functionality of the plugin.
  • We will let you know if there are defects in the plugin. You will then have to fix these issues and send the plugin for review again.
  • We compile the source code of the MT plugin, sign the resulting DLL with its private key (unsigned plugins are not loaded by memoQ), and make it part of the memoQ client installer. As a result, the MT plugin is distributed with the memoQ client installer from this point.
  • The source code of the MT plugin becomes part of the memoQ code base at Kilgray.
Information about bugs reported by customers are forwarded to the plugin developer who is responsible for fixing any bugs.

Machine translation plugin for internal use

If the plugin is not intended for general distribution, please get in touch with us and we will send you the instructions to proceed.


Download MT SDK manual

If you would like to access a sample code, please contact us.