What is it?

The memoQ cloud server is a software as a service (SAAS) application that offers cutting edge cloud-based translation management and editing. You can translate and review in both a browser-based interface, and you can also install and run the award-winning memoQ translator pro on as many computers as you wish. You can be up and running with the memoQ cloud server within minutes.


Licensing is concurrent, which means one person can use one license at one time. You first need to determine how many project managers you want to work with simultaneously, as with every PM license you will receive 5 web licenses for translators, reviewers or clients.

Translators can also log in using a licensed copy of memoQ translator pro (desktop version) or you can subscribe to memoQ translator pro licenses in the cloud if you want to ensure unparalleled translation productivity.
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Access to Qterm (a premium terminology management system) and memoQ server APIs are also available from memoQ cloud server for an additional subscription fee. Please check out the compatibility and extensions section if you want to read more about these add-ons.

Even small teams can think BIG!

The memoQ cloud server is particularly suitable for small teams. It has been designed to provide a quick and powerful solution not only to companies but also to ad hoc teams of translators. 

Real-time Collaboration

memoQ cloud server is a product designed for real-time collaboration between translation teams. It offers translation memory, term base and corpus sharing, online projects with shared documents and synchronization, simultaneous translation and review for faster turnaround, customizable e-mail notifications among many other functionalities. See the complete list of features here.

Pay only for what you use!

If you are managing a small team, start your subscription with one project manager license. Your colleagues will be able to connect to your memoQ cloud server with their desktop licenses of memoQ translator pro. If they don't have memoQ, you can offer them web licenses or subscribe to translator pro licenses in the cloud. You can easily increase or decrease your license pool at any time.


Protecting data at rest

All memoQ cloud servers run as separate processes, as separate services, under different user accounts with separated privileges. Data stored in your memoQ cloud server cannot be accessed by anyone else but you, and the people who you appoint (i.e. grant access to your data). All of your projects, term bases, translation memories, and other resources are strictly access-controlled; only your memoQ cloud server is able to access them. Other servers have no chance of retrieving them.

Server security

All the servers that store or handle memoQ cloud data, and all other supporting servers as well, are protected by industry standard, hardened firewalls. We have reduced the number of entry points to a bare minimum, and we monitor unauthorized access attempts.

Securing data in transit

When you connect to your memoQ cloud server, either by memoQ client or through WebTrans (browser-based interface), your communication is always encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.0), the same protocol that is used by banks all over the world. You don't have to worry about the prying eyes looking at your data while it is traveling across the Internet.

Ensuring availability

Your memoQ cloud server is backed up every day to make sure nothing gets lost even if something bad happens. You can easily request a back-up of your server to our support team.


memoQ cloud servers are hosted in Germany. The actual server instances are distributed on multiple virtual machines. Besides the memoQ cloud has its own domain controller, database server and firewall.


Network access to the memoQ cloud is limited to what is actually required to work with memoQ:
  • Default HTTP/HTTPS to access memoQWeb.
  • Secure TCP port 2705: default memoQ port to access the server from memoQ translator pro or memoQ project manager.
  • Secure TCP port 9091: Resources API connection. Also WS API connection, if subscribed for the memoQ server web service API component.
For maintenance of the memoQ cloud infrastructure the Kilgray staff uses some further protected connections like RDP, only via our secured network.


Each memoQ cloud server is separated from the others. Server data is stored in separate folders protected by appropriate user rights and other security settings. SQL data is stored in separate databases, secured by the appropriate user rights and security settings. The name of the servers and the name of users are not exposed to the public — each customer knows only their own server and user names. Accounts are password protected, with strong admin password policy.

Data Safety

Each server has a maintenance time slot once a day, typically in the nightly hours. In this maintenance time slot we create a full automatic backup of the server (and also run upgrades, if available). Backup files are duplicated into a secure FTP server for extra safety. Please note, that this doesn’t include historical preservation of backups, only the last backup is available.

Remove unnecesary costs

memoQ cloud server has eliminated the need for the technical knowledge you usually need to install, manage and maintain a memoQ server. 

Set up and maintenance

To set up your memoQ cloud server you simply have to sign up. The first month you are entitled to a free trial period which does not require entering any payment information upfront. When your trial period is over, you pay the fee depending on how many licenses you have ordered. Kilgray will also look after all maintenance and upgrade issues. To get started see the following tutorial. 

Available everywhere and easy to learn

The memoQ WebTrans browser-based interface is even easier to use than memoQ translator pro – the desktop version. There is no need to have memoQ installed on your computer, you can simply use a URL and sign in. Translators who have never worked in memoQ will find that they can get started within minutes. This web interface also works in web browsers under other operating systems such as Linux or MacOS.

Click here to check out memoQ WebTrans
If you are a project manager and would like to import translation memories, reference documents or you are looking for advanced project management functionality and configuration options, we recommend you to download memoQ here and receive a license from your cloud server. Please note that you cannot use both the browser-based and the desktop application interface at the same time.

The sophistication of memoQ server

The memoQ cloud server offers the power and sophistication of the memoQ server, the most flexible and customizable translation management system. Both are highly scalable systems offering project tracking, terminology and translation memory management, user and group administration, outsourcing and collaboration workflows, machine translation integration, automation, reporting and quality management, and highly configurable document filters.

*Note: The memoQ cloud server does not offer the following features which are only available in the memoQ server: Enterprise License Management, Terminal server support, Content Connectors, Folder Connections and Active Directory Integration.

For a detailed list of features of each system, click here

How to get started?

Select how many project managers you have and subscribe for a free trial with memoQ cloud server. After you set up your trial, you will receive an automatic email notification with your server name, URL and password instructions. To access your memoQ cloud server, copy the server URL in the dashboard of your memoQ project manager version.

Server URL - memoQ dashboard
Click here to see where you should enter your server URL
As a first time admin user, the system will require to enter your username and password, which you will be able to find in the cloud subscription management interface. To set up username and passwords for other users, see user management details below.

Username & password
Click here to see where to find your username and password​ 

User management

Once you are logged in to your memoQ cloud server, you can easily set up access for other users and start your first translation project.
User management in memoQ Cloud server 


Updating your subscription

You can modify your trial or subscription at any time by adding or removing licenses.


The Project Manager license costs 160 EUR / 175 USD per month. Each Project Manager license includes 5 additional free web licenses. The free web license allows users to access your cloud server from the memoQWeb browser-based application. Translator licenses cost 40 EUR / 45 USD per month and allow access to the industry’s most sophisticated translation productivity tool, memoQ translator pro. Server add-ons such us QTerm and Web Services API cost 200 EUR / 260 USD per month.
See how pricing works once you get started with your trial
Please note that users with residence in countries within the European Union will need to pay taxes if they do not have a valid VAT ID.

Payment methods

Cloud subscriptions require electronic payment – debit or credit card – and can be done in Euros, American dollars on Hungarian Forints. Payments are secured by Wirecard as a payment service provider.
What is it?

What is it?

memoQ translator pro is a computer-assisted translation environment tool which runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Small teams can think BIG!

Small teams can think BIG!

The memoQ cloud server is particularly suitable for small teams. It has been designed to provide a quick and powerful solution not only to companies but also to ad hoc teams of translators.

How secure is the cloud?

How secure is the cloud?

We have designed the memoQ cloud server keeping in mind security, and we take the necessary measures to safeguard the privacy of your data.

Remove unnecessary costs

Remove unnecessary costs

The memoQ cloud server has eliminated the need for the technical knowledge you usually need to install, manage and maintain a memoQ server.

The sophistication of memoQ server

The sophistication of memoQ server

The memoQ cloud server provides all the functionality available through memoQ server and can be set up in about five minutes.

Pricing and payment

Pricing and payment

The memoQ cloud server offers a flexible pricing scheme that fits your specific needs.