memoQ WebTrans


What is memoQ WebTrans?

memoQ WebTrans is a browser-based version of memoQ that comes with every . There is no need to have memoQ installed on your computer as translations are done on a browser window.

Why use LiveDocs?


Get leverage from previously translated work.



Get productive right from the start of your project!



Check reference files easily during translation.


Store files and documents related to your project.


How does it work?

A typical workflow using memoQ WebTrans

  1. The project manager creates an online project and assigns translators to the project.
  2. Translators receive an automatic emails notification with a link to log in to memoQ WebTrans.
  3. Once logged in, the translator sees the list of documents assigned (has access to translation memory, term base and LiveDocs resources).
  4. The translator selects the documents they want to translate and opens them in a browser tab.
  5. The translator will have a translation grid, with source segments (1) on the left-hand side and target segments (2) on the right. If the document has pre-translated segments they will also see the matching segements. To the right of the translation grid they will see the translation resulsts list (3) and below the preview pane (4). 
  6. Concordance, spell checking, translation memory and terminology lookup, and the full scope of editing instructions are available using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. 
  7. When the translation is done, the translator can click Deliver to indicate that the work was performed. 
  8. Every segment is immediately saved to your online projects, and project managers can see the progress real time.




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