Dr Izabela Mrochen

 Dr Izabela Mrochen

Dr Izabela Mrochen memoQ Trainer and Consultant

Izabela Mrochen has a Master`s Degree in Pedagogy and Psychology (1995), English linguistics (1998), and a PhD in historical linguistics (2009) from the University of Silesia, Poland. Ms Mrochen started to be interested in translation and preparing subtitles in the late 1990s. This is why, she visited the Copenhagen University to broaden and apply her knowledge she had required at university. Being an academic teacher, she started to accommodate CAT programs in the university curriculum. She has taken part in a wide range of conferences on new technologies in the field of translation and interpretation. Her active interests have been taken to improve the trainee translator`s competence for the future job and support the basic objectives of the European Master`s in Translation programme. What is more, Ms Mrochen has been interested in the software localization tools and cloud computing so as to make the students familiar with translating graphical user interfaces.  A member of IFIP, group WG 3.1. Taking into account a good methodology of implementing CAT tools into university curriculum, she is responsible for organizing training for academic teachers organized by Consortium for Translation Education Research in Cracow, Poland.

What is more, she has been supporting the idea of accessibility - social and digital inclusion since 2012. The issues of preparing good websites according to WCAG rules have tailored Ms Mrochen`s interests. A member of Working Group of Digital Content on the Internet Accessibility in Ministry of Administration and Digitization, Poland. Ms Mrochen organized and conducted workshops at a range of conferences.

A range of workshops that can be offered (in EN and PL):
1. A workshop for (academic) teachers/students  who are interested in conducting classes on CAT tools:
a. memoQ
b. cloud computing (Wordfast Anywhere, Google Translator Toolkit)
c. Advanced Search Rules (filtering and selecting terminology)
2. Digital Humanities - how to prepare a good web site according to WCAG 2.0

Website: http://www.izabela.mrochen.us.edu.pl/
Company: The University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland
Train the trainer event: April 2011
 +48 601 142 752