Project Management with memoQ Adriatic

Angelika Zerfaß has created 10 videos which will give you a thorough understanding of memoQ’s project management functionality. This is course is very similar to the previous "Project Management with memoQ 2015" but has been partially updated to include what is new in memoQ Adriatic.

The course comprises the following 10 lessons and an exam:
Module 1 - memoQ Dashboard
Module 2 - memoQ Project Types
Module 3 - Multilingual Projects and Export Path Rules
Module 4 - Resources and Settings
Module 5 - Pre-Translation and Locking Segments
Module 6 - Working with Views
Module 7 - Online Projects
Module 8 - Managing Projects - Workflows
Module 9 - Review Process with LQA
Module 10 - Project Templates

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