memoQ online training for project managers

Course contents

The course comprises the following 10 lessons and an exam:
Lesson 1 - memoQ Project Types
Lesson 2 – Working with Multilingual Projects and Export Paths
Lesson 3 – Project Preparation: Resources and Settings
Lesson 4 – Project Preparation: Pre-Translation and Locking Segments
Lesson 5 – Project Preparation: Working with Views
Lesson 6 – Working with XML
Lesson 7 – Online Projects
Lesson 8 – Working in Online Projects
Lesson 9 – Review Process
Lesson 10 – Compatibility

The exam will comprise 30 questions which need to be answered in 45 minutes. All questions are based on the lessons. If the student gets 70% or more, Kilgray will issue them a certificate.

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