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Why use CAT Tools?

This short eBook is intended for translators and translation students who are not sure what exactly a CAT tool does and how it can benefit them. The purpose of this software is simply to improve the productivity of the translator. It should help translators do more translation work and at the same time improve the consistency and quality of the translation.

It starts by explaining what a CAT tool is and will explain how it differs from machine translation (also known as MT or automatic translation) engines such as Google Translate. It also go into detail about the many benefits of using a CAT tool and show you how it can benefit your work as a translator.

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Productivity gains with memoQ server

memoQ server is an advanced productivity tool for enabling and managing collaborative translation work. It comprises a repository for your translation assets, a control center for your translation projects and a hub for collaborative translation projects.

One of the major advantages with memoQ server is that its functionality can be used immediately. There is no need for expensive consultant and the system does not have to be customized and adapted before you can start working with it. memoQ server is an intuitive and fast to learn system. It is designed with the needs of project managers and translators in mind. memoQ server does not need very technical IT people to administer it.  In addition Kilgray’s support department works six days a week and are considered to be the most responsive and helpful support team in our industry.

This eBook explains some of the productivity gains with memoQ server including:
  • Workflow and automated project creation
  • Project dashboard
  • Collaborative translation which will allows translation projects to be completed faster;
  • Leverage from translation memories and other resources;
  • Ensures Project Manager are in control of their projects;
  • Eliminates time consuming steps for project managers and translators;
  • Uses proven quality management models to deliver better quality translation;

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