Integration with XTRF

XTRF Management Systems
XTRF is a web-based platform for managing translation work. Its integration with the memoQ server is extensive and powerful. It gives you fully automated project creation, along with automatic file analysis and project management.
When using the memoQ server integrated with XTRF, the project is always created in XTRF and this tool is used to manage the translation process. The integration is currently available with memoQ 2013 (6.5), 2013 R2 (6.8), 2014 (7.0), 2014 R2 (7.5) and 2015 (7.8). There are several type of integrations between each software. Here you can which version of memoQ works with each version of XTRF. 

Note that early builds of memoQ 2014 R2 (7.5.0 to 7.5.4) will not work with XTRF.

The integration ensures memoQ and XTRF work together to deliver a seamless workflow:

Quote creation

The start of memoQ – XTRF project is the creation of the quote within XTRF. The memoQ server analyses the project files, sends the analysis to XTRF and this is the basis for the quotes. You can choose through XTRF whether or not you wish to create a memoQ project at the same time as the quote.

Project start

If you have not started the project you can select that XTRF starts a memoQ project based on the quote. Files and resources must be added to the XTRF project before triggering memoQ project creation.

Vendor selection and assigment

Vendors can be assigned through XTRF and this will result in the document in memoQ being assigned to that vendor. If the vendor is changed in XTRF the change will be visible in memoQ.


At the delivery stage the memoQ TM is updated and the translated files are exported from memoQ to XTRF ready for delivery.
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Speed up your project management with XTRF-memoQ integrated solution

Speed up your project management with XTRF-memoQ integrated solution

Presenter: Tomasz Mróz

During a 40 minute presentation Tomasz Mróz of XTRF will show you how an XTRF-memoQ integrate can ease and speed up day-to-day job processing. The webinar includes a short system introduction, the...