Integration with TaaS

memoQ has two plugins with external terminology management platforms. These are EuroTermBank and TaaS (Terminology as a Service). EuroTermBank integration is very simple and does not require configuration.
TaaS (Terminology as a Services) is a cloud based terminology platform developed by a consortium including Tilde, University of Cologne, University of Sheffield and Kilgray. The project was funded and supported by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7).

Configuring TaaS

It is possible to use TaaS even if you do not have a TaaS account. However, you get access to much better functionality when you have a TaaS account and you connect memoQ to your TaaS account. To do this, get an API key from the TaaS portal first. You can find a link to get this key in the TaaS plugin options dialog box under Tools | Options | Terminology plugins. Entering the API key here connects the two systems.

TaaS functionality 

TaaS is an online platform to enable fast and smart terminology extraction. While memoQ has its own term extractor, TaaS offers more precise hits and also allows you to fill in the target terms through recommendations from multiple terminology sources.

The TaaS plugin allows you to:
  • Automatically lookup segments in TaaS as you are translating them.
  • Manually look up terms in TaaS.
  • Add terminology from within memoQ to your TaaS termbase.
  • After you have done a term extraction you can send the list of approved terms to your TaaS termbase.
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