Integration with Language Terminal

Language Terminal

Language Terminal is a web-based platform which aids collaborative translation work and provides a growing number of free added value services. The services are intended for translators, project managers and others regardless of whether they use memoQ or not.

Language Terminal is integrated with both memoQ translator pro and the memoQ server. This integration allows memoQ users to have all the power of Language Terminal without leaving memoQ.
Integration with memoQ translator pro
If you want to use the Language Terminal integration within memoQ, you need to register your Language Terminal account or use your website login details. This allows memoQ to use your credentials to access Language Terminal. You can register by selecting Help > My Language Terminal account… and entering your Language Terminal user name and password. If you do not have a Language Terminal account you can go to and sign up.

Once you have registered you can do the following:

Managing your projects on Language Terminal and reporting on your finances

Got tired of having to register all your jobs in Microsoft Excel or similar tools? Language Terminal provides your easy way to manage all your projects, quotations, see who paid and who did not, get reports on how much a certain customer owes you or how much money you made over a period of time with one type of activity. Just enable the Language Terminal project management within memoQ.

‘You can create a Language Terminal project within memoQ by creating a new project and selecting the Create Language Terminal entry for this project checkbox. This will change the field in this Create New Project dialog box so that Client and Subject fields are populated from data from your Language Terminal profile. When you have created this project it will be available within memoQ as usual and also published on Language Terminal. You can directly create a quote when you upload the statistics to Language Terminal and match your pricing matrix to the quote, and send it over to customers in an email.

Backing up and restoring projects and transferring projects between computers
Language Terminal can be your cloud-based project archive. To back up your memoQ projects you simply have to select the project you want backed up and select Backup selected, and then select Language Terminal. Similarly, you can restore the project later on the same or another computer by clicking Restore from backup. After you choose Language Terminal you will be given a list of your backed up projects in the cloud.

Translating and previewing InDesign INDD documents
The filter for InDesign within memoQ is a web service which sends the InDesign file to Language Terminal, Language Terminal uses InDesign to convert this to XLIFF and the XLIFF file is opened within memoQ. The translated InDesign file is then created from this XLIFF file. It is also possible to view a preview of the InDesign file.

Integration with memoQ server
Turn your memoQ server into a full-fledged, yet simple TMS with business management functionalities. The memoQ server integration with Language Terminal is aimed at enterprise customers and smaller translation companies who have no need or budget for a sophisticated translation management system, but want to keep track of their costs and vendors.
Vendor and price matrix management
When you set up your vendors in Language Terminal, you can find them if they are already Language Terminal users or invite them to join Language Terminal. Even if they don't join, you are able to track the projects assigned to them within your instance of Language Terminal. Vendors don't need to remember many user names and passwords: through the single sign-on, they can log in to your memoQ server with their Language Terminal account and get the projects. They can also quote jobs for you and you can accept quotations.
Managing your online project on Language Terminal
You can publish your memoQ online projects on Language Terminal. Language Terminal integrated projects include the aspects of cost management, and you can also get reports about these projects - for example, how much you spent on individual vendors, how much you received from customers, who paid on time and who did not, and so on.
Integration and project management with Language Terminal Download

Read more about this integration in Language Terminal in the memoQ server - Language Terminal integration guide.