Integration with Easyling

Easyling is a proxy-based website translation solution. It crawls your website, finds all the pages and texts and analyses the translation costs. Then you can do the translation using the in-context, live editing/preview/review editor built into, or export as an XLIFF file and do the translation in memoQ.
Once the translation is done, Easyling creates the translated website for you. Users from different countries will see the website in their own language.

Easyling memoQ integration

If you want to translate a website in memoQ, export an XLIFF file from Easyling. This XLIFF file is then translated in memoQ. After completion import the translated XLIFF back into Easyling and the users can then view the translated pages.
In the next major version of memoQ we will automate this integration and also enable translation preview.
Kilgray Translation Technologies
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