Quality is King.
Speed is Money.

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Here is your June question: do you remember the banality about the three friends: Quality, Speed and Cost? They all live in a very small house, and unfortunately they always dine separately as they have a very small table: they only have chairs for two. 

memoQ has always been the extra chair for your business to sit these three friends down at the same time – but with this new build we are giving them a giant couch and a living room to be comfortable in. Check out and download our newest build on speed and quality!

Builds are compatible as far back as 2013, but make sure you stay tuned by renewing your SMA so you can make use of our yearly new releases and great support all year around!


TM import - memoQ

TM import: Scotty, switch to light speed!

Got large TMs with really large amount of segments? 

We speed you up! We’ve been experimenting for some time now with our processes and came up with some sweet streamlining results: as a result, importing a TM with really many segments has just gotten up to 70 times faster. And we mean millions of entries – fast!


Server performance - memoQ

Server performance on multi boost

It is great to have huge projects, but even better to have many-many huge projects! Speed is essence – so in this build we deliver you just that! 

Dealing with huge projects is a good problem to have; dealing with lots of them is even better. By improving and developing a few processes, memoQ server will do it all much faster for you now, whether it’s checking out a large project, synchronizing a single document’s changes, assigning a few thousand documents in one go, or creating packages.


Word count - memoQ

Weighted word counts
Get an overview faster than ever about how much work each document will take.

Translating 100 thousand words from scratch is not the same thing as translating only a fraction of it because there are lots of TM matches. Until now, you could only find out which is the case if you looked at the analysis results. With this build you can view weighted word counts directly in the list of documents and in the status bar, so you have an immediate idea how much work each document will take.

Insert tags only - memoQ
Get it done faster: inserting target-only tags
We give you faster tag insertion for faster delivery.
You could always do this – if you found a specimen elsewhere and copy-pasted it. Now you can insert target-only tags through an interactive pop-up, or via up to 10 shortcuts that you can define freely.


Quality assurance - memoQ
QA: cooler checks and a shiny new report
It’s quality season with memoQ – we give you more to hunt and to shine with!

We made the integrated QA module so much more powerful through a fully customizable regex checker, improved number verification, spaces around tags, punctuation, non-translatables, forbidden terms (no matter whether it is in source or target!), and more. And now you can export a sleek QA report in HTML that groups problems by categories and presents inconsistent translations concisely and clearly – and send this automatically to your vendor manager or translators, if you want to.

Microsoft - memoQ
Never letting go: catching those runaway Office thingies
We don’t let Microsoft get too carried away! They add new features and we are following them. 

Microsoft has been busy adding features to Office, and we’ve made sure none of those catch you by surprise. Document properties, SmartArt, URLs within links, equations in PowerPoint and much else – not a problem!

Search and Replace or Regex tags - memoQ
Find everything in those inline tags
Now you can search and replace and regex those evil tags!

Searching for text is old hat, but now you can do the same for inline tags – and even use regex to match arbitrary patterns inside those tags!

Right-to-left - memoQ
Right-to-left for WebTrans users
Due to popular demand, right to left is now introduced in the web editor too. 

memoQ server’s WebTrans editor now just begs you to work on it in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi. 

…and more!

For XML-packed translators: Automatically select XML configuration based on root element in the file.
Eagle-eye for your viewing pleasure: highlight segments where best TM match is different from translation.
XML-file cocked up again? Never worry: more robust processing of malformed XML files.
For management systems: we provide anybody interested with an API to export multilingual documents and embedded documents.


Who can install this new build?

You can install the new speed and quality build...
  • if you are running a valid, installed 2015 version of memoQ. No matter if you have a valid SMA or not: running a valid memoQ 2015 guarantees you access to all the builds that are released for the 2015 version.
  • if you are running an earlier version of memoQ but you have a valid SMA. In this case you need to install memoQ 2015 – this you can do free of charge as all future versions are included in the SMA.
  • if you decide to buy an SMA now for your previous memoQ version and, following that, you upgrade your previous version to memoQ 2015.