memoQ 8.1
Available for download!

The end of May is approaching and so is a new version for memoQ. We are presenting memoQ 8.1, our second release for 2017. Read on for details about the improvements. They come in four main areas: previewing translations, the translator’s work in general, project management, and the Customer portal —  which was introduced earlier this year, and now improved. This release will not add complexity to the software: these improvements bring better performance and much more usable memoQ. And because we know how much they mean to your daily work, we have also introduced new integrations with other systems.

As you will probably notice, we have decided to move away from blue and seas, and go back to basics, which is where we all feel more comfortable: numbered versions and the orange color. We have been listening carefully and we took your feedback seriously!



Improvements on the memoQ Preview

The HTML-based preview pane in memoQ has long been one of the software strongest assets. We have made it even better! See what is new in the memoQ preview pane here:

1- Preview for huge Word documents 
Limit on the preview’s size is the thing of the past. No matter how big the Word file, memoQ can now handle the preview
2- Preview for PPTX is back in business! 
Experience a significant performance boost for the preview creation phase of translation document import for Office formats. PowerPoint presentations received high quality preview, without having to rely on an installation of PowerPoint on the your machine. 
3- Search directly in the preview pane 
Are you doing software localization or translating Excel files? From now you are able to jump to the right part of a document by searching for bits of external information that are not imported for translation, but are visible in the preview. 

Press CTRL + F and a box titled "Find" appears. Type in the keyword you are looking for, and memoQ will search for it in the preview pane.


Translation Work Related Improvements

New integrations, increased compatibility with other tools and many more! 

TransPDF memoQ

1- Translate PDFs easily through the integrated TransPDF service

memoQ is now integrated with the state-of-the-art TransPDF service. You can translate PDF files without leaving memoQ, with minimum loss of formatting, and without having to do tedious manual preparation. (You need to have a valid TransPDF subscription)

See how this feature works in this short video 


Track changes - memoQ

2- Full compatiblity with changed-tracked SDLXLIFF and Studio's translation QA 

In the newest version of memoQ you can import and export tracked changes in Studio formats, just like in the case of Word documents. In addition, memoQ becomes compatible with the Translation Quality Assurance feature of Studio. Translation errors identified by reviewers will be imported and exported between, along with quality metrics and scoring. 

See how this feature works in this short video 


Find and Replace - memoQ

3- Introducing Quick search and improved Advanced search

If you just need to quickly find some text, now you can easily get there with a new, simple and clear Quick find window. More than this, Advanced search got power features like searching for comments and context identifiers.

High-Resolution Displays - memoQ

4- Make the best of Retina displays

Very high-resolution displays are becoming more and more common. If you are one of these users, you can now experience the same quality that memoQ already provides on a smaller resolution. Translation grid and ribbon icons are just one of the few elements we made improvements on. 


Price Tag - memoQ

5- Prices with three-digit precision in Language Terminal

Language Terminal’s pricing strategies now allow the definition of unit rates with the precision of four decimal places. 


64-bit - memoQ

6- No more "out of memory" errors

From now memoQ will be delivered in 64-bit mode only. As Microsoft has resolved the slow startup issue with 64-bit programs, there should be no more errors about running out of memory, while startup should also be as snappy as ever.


Project Related Improvements

New integrations, increased compatibility with other tools and many other new funtionalities. 

1- Improved Online Project Archival

TM import - memoQ


From now on memoQ server users can keep track when a memoQ online project was last modified.  This enables the sorting of team projects in a way that the most active ones are on the top, and also makes it possible to (even automatically) archive projects that have become inactive by not getting modified for a given number of days.


3- Nasty File Formats

TM import - memoQ

From now on all memoQ servers will be shipped with a built-in full-fledged document pre and post-processing framework. In case of a "nasty" file formats the pre- and post-processing scripts will automatically prepare files for translation and when translation is finished, convert files back to their original "weird" formats.


5- Termbase

TM import - memoQ


With the new memoQ version you can use TBs with fewer languages than your project has.


2- Neural Machine Translation

TM import - memoQ


You can now select the option within memoQ to connect to the neural MT engines of Google and Microsoft.

Requirement: You need to have a valid subscription for the 3rd party services to utilize this function.


4- Pseudo-Translation

TM import - memoQ

Now you can populate documents with pseudo-translations, ignoring any TM hits, without being forced to manually remove the TMs temporarily from the project. There are now even more options regarding text length, special or accented characters, etc., to set up pseudo-translation exactly as needed e.g. in a complex software localization projects. 


6- memoQ server Deployment tool

TM import - memoQ

The memoQ server deployment tool (used for installing, upgrading, or backup a memoQ server) now has its own shortcut, that makes launching and uninstallation much easier.


Customer Portal: Custom branding and enhanced deadlines


1- What is new about customer Portal?

Customer Portal now allows company specific branding by replacing the main logo and the application color scheme. Deadline handling has been revamped to better serve both customers and project managers: requests with impossible deadlines can now be identified and corrected. Deadline changes by either customers or PMs will result in notifications for the other party. 

2- Learn more about customer Portal

Customer Portal — introduced earlier this year — is a platform that translation companies and enterprises can use to connect easily with their clients. If you want to learn more about Customer Portal, click here.

3- Try Customer Portal

You can try memoQ Customer Portal for free for a special trial period until the end of memoQfest 2017 (9 June). You can test the features using up to ten contact points (ten different people/customers every 24 hours) during the trial period.