Kilgray is the world’s fastest growing translation technology vendor. The company was established in 2004 by three Hungarian language technologists who previously worked on machine translation, spell checking and other language technology projects but shared a passion for human translation. They gathered the know-how for collaborative translation through working for a publishing company that published Microsoft Press books in Hungarian. Together with other collaborators scattered nationwide, they managed to translate, review, print and publish these books within two months. This experience contributed significantly to Kilgray's success.

The company spent the first four years working on the technology and made its large-scale debut in 2009. Today, Kilgray has eight offices in seven countries - Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal and Poland - and its staff has the best track record in the industry. Kilgray’s staff brings decades of experience from the design and marketing of other translation tools such as Lionbridge Freeway™, Idiom Worldserver™, SDL Trados™, or SDL Passolo™. Kilgray’s development team is headed by renowned Microsoft professionals who have also authored several books on Microsoft technology.

Kilgray is the only translation technology company with a bottom-up approach. We believe that language service providers can only introduce technology that translators also enjoy using, and we believe that enterprises can only be satisfied users of technologies that address the needs of language service providers and freelance translators alike.

Kilgray is privately owned and has been profitable from the outset. Kilgray does not provide any translation services and has committed to remaining independent in its Declaration of Indepedence.

Kilgray Translation Technologies
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