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Translation Software for

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Individual Translators

Originally designed for freelance translators memoQ translator pro will make translation work easy and fast. Easy to learn and use this intuitive technology serves you, so you can concentrate on your work!

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Translation Teams

Small translator teams now can have the same technology supporting their collaborative project as the big ones just for the fraction of the price. memoQ cloud server is now available for monthly subscription fees!

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Translation Companies

Language Service Providers need robust technology for their collaborative projects that is capable of handling large number - and variety - of files and translators. memoQ server speeds up translation processes and provides a safe and stable environment.

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Other Companies

Flexible workflow management, easy project tracking, automatic quality checks and advanced reports are just a few features of the memoQ server that translation buyer companies need. Check all the features and benefits!

Marek Pawelec

When it comes to translation memoQ is just the best tool for the job. It's powerful, flexible and easy to use at the same time.

The flexible scalability of memoQ cloud server enables us to collaborate in a distributed translation partner network while saving us the cost of a dedicated server and IT staff.

Jesper Sandberg
United Kingdom

Our clients value both efficiency and flexibility. With memoQ we can give them what they want, how they want it.

Daniel Finck

One of the biggest advantages of using memoQ for our often complex game localization projects at Aeria Games is the impressive amount of different file types natively supported by the software.

memoQ Features

Project automation

Save project setup clicks, and start a new project within a minute – or even automatically when the source changes.

Version updates

If the source document changes, memoQ reuses everything for you. It is ideal for agile document development.

Project monitoring

Easily monitor the progress, risks and costs of your translation projects.

Extensive review

Involve customers, in-country reviewers or other translators easily in the translation review process.

File format support

No matter if your text comes in Word, PDF or other file formats, memoQ extracts the text and replaces it.

Translation memories

memoQ automatically offers identical or similar sentences previously translated, saving time for you.

Quality assurance

memoQ automatically checks recurring errors in numbers, terminology use, formatting, and other categories.


Get fully productive immediately by reusing original language and translated documents.

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The memoQ Trend Report for 2018

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