Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Kilgray Translation Technologies offers clean and innovative translation technology to enhance productivity and quality for translators, service providers and enterprises. We believe that translators, language service providers and translation end-users are equally important and that each group should get the best possible support.

Our Vision

We at Kilgray are in business to make our customers more successful.

We provide technology offerings that allow them to improve their business and that they can depend on.

We are proactively listening to and learning from our customers and use our knowledge and experience to synthesize the right solutions for every step of the way.

We do this by fully understanding that translation is always a collaborative process, and challenge every step in the process to make better translations.

We cover a broad definition of translation spanning different media. We create an open, interoperable, user-friendly, dependable environment where Kilgray customers can also seamlessly work with people not using Kilgray technology.

What we believe

We at Kilgray believe that:
  • We should be doing business in the most open way. We should prevent our customers from experiencing hidden costs and unpleasant surprises. We should not promise things that we don’t deliver, and if we promise things, we should commit by means of a money-back guarantee.
  • We make a commitment to our customers by selling them software. We are more responsible to our existing customers than anyone else. Customers should have predictable future costs, straight-to-the-point expert advice and a person to talk to.
  • We should encourage our customers to communicate with us, we should learn from their business problems and deliver solutions. We should encourage our customers to spread the word about us.
  • Good support is crucial. Kilgray has the reputation to provide the best support in the industry and we remain committed to this. We believe that good support is not just about answering within an hour but rather about resolving errors as quickly as needed and preventing our customers from failure.
  • You should not buy anything that is not guaranteed to meet your needs. Give a try to our tools, or if you have a complex project, talk to us and we’ll give you instructions. If it works for you, buy it.
  • You should be able to try our software. Trial versions are available for download.
  • Most of the functionality you may need is there in our tools. We can help you pinpoint the methods if you turn to us.
  • Best-of-breed server-based collaborative translation technology should be available and affordable for everyone who needs that. Server-based translation should be fast and powerful.
  • Compatibility is key. We design all our tools to enable both your clients and vendors to work with other translation tools while you work in our tools. We take advantage of open standards and where open standards are not enough, we go beyond to ensure full compatibility.
  • Technology lock-in affects your bottom line. We believe that it should be the quality of the product that locks you in with Kilgray, not the technology. You should be free to migrate to another tool at any time, without losing data. We want to lock you in only by the quality of our product offering.
  • Translation and translation management is complex. There can be no single tool that offers everything to everybody. Client-specific functionality needs to be integrated through well-documented open APIs.
  • In every new release, we should add value for translation teams and companies, other companies and translators. This is the only way to keep our customers happy. Translators will appreciate the translation-related feature set, language service providers will enjoy the sophisticated project management and translation buyer companies will get what they need - control over costs and simultaneous shipment. This way there is no resistance when you introduce the tool.
  • Our products should be easy to use and should answer real-life issues. Everybody at Kilgray does some translation using our products. We eat our own dogfood.